Miriam Rosenthal

Ceramics, Fiber & Photography

About the JRA


Getting There



Self expression and self actualization through the arts is a theme that runs through all of Miriam Rosenthal's work. Starting in high school, she studied art history at the Los Angeles County Art Museum, then also as an undergraduate at UCLA. In a long and varied career, one of her favorite jobs was as TVA liaison to crafts and art organizations in the Tennessee Valley and nationally. In that role and other similar roles, she was a facilitator. After many years, she declared herself an artist and became a maker. First as a photographer, both in service to other artists and arts organizations, and then producing art cards, a calendar, and enlargements of her photographs. About 13 years ago, she became enchanted with all the new yarns, took up knitting and began knitting scarves. Photography was her work during the day and she knitted at night. Recently, in a move to expand her artistic horizons, she started taking ceramics at the Art League. As with her other artistic pursuits, she has dived in. So, this year at JRA Day, she is offering products in all three mediums.

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